Non-Gateway APIKEY Generation

The following is your unique key generated at 2022-09-29 20:07:34 -0500.

Note: The key and hash have not been stored anywhere. Please make a copy of the key and hash.

If you would like to generate an additional API-KEY, please reload this page or click on the Generate API-KEY link again.

Sending the HASH for installation

Before you can use this key, the HASH needs to be added to our server configuration.

Please send email to and specify the agent you are configuring (gateway, spacct, userinfo, or xdusage) and your XDCDB resource name for spacct or xdusage (e.g., stampede.tacc.xsede) or the gateway or userinfo client hostname (e.g., as below:

  Subject: XDCDB API-KEY installation request

  Please install the following HASH for agent <AGENT> on resource <XDCDB RESOURCE NAME>


  on server

Installing the API-KEY

Follow the instructions in the agent’s installation documentation to configure this API-KEY for the agent software on your machine.

Finding your XDCDB resource name

The following page lists the XDCDB resources and can be helpful in determining your XDCDB resource name: XDCDB Active Resource List