This API is designed to fill the requirements of SD&I Activity 216: Improve XDCDB security and read/update access with a new RESTfull API


The API is presently designed to support three agents: spacct, userinfo and xdusage. The API acts on behalf of these agents to make queries in the XSEDE Central Database (XDCDB) and return the results of those queries to the agent.

Routes and Responses

The API consists of a number of API routes. The results of the routes are returned as JSON, described in Response Format


Each HTTP request made by an agent must have a set of HTTP Request Headers which identify the agent, the resource that the agent is running on, and an API-KEY used for authentication.

Setting up an agent

When installing an agent on a resource, you will need to generate and API-KEY/HASH pair. Click on Generate APIKEY (for non-gateways) and follow the instructions.


This API also supports gateway attribute submission, but the interface is different than that for the agents. See Add Gateway. (You will be asked to login with your XSEDE credentials.)